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Let the Wookie Win!

Well, between grad school and a bunch of home repair emergencies, the ol' board game review website has fallen by the wayside once again. Thanks for sticking around, sadly I cannot promise that things will get better any time soon!

In the meantime, my annual year in review geeklist is now live on BoardGameGeek, so you can check that out now! Spoiler alert: I played a TON of Star Wars: Outer Rim.

Also, I'm about to head off to the World Boardgame Championships 2023! In previous years, I've tweeted out my results for those who're interested. Twitter has become quite the raging dumpster fire in the last year (even worse than it already was!), so I'm no longer there. Instead, you can follow me on Mastodon for those updates:

If you're not familair with Mastodon, it's basically Twitter except completely decentralized. Instead of one company owning the server and selling ads to generate revenue, individuals can decide to set up their own server with its own policies and rules. These servers are all linked together, so you can follow any user, even if they're on a different server. Who pays for the servers? The individual admins pay the up-front cost, and users make voluntary donations to their admins to help cover operating costs.

Does it sound too good to be true? Yeah, probably, but at the moment it's a much more pleasant place than Twitter. Getting set up is easy and free, so if you wish Twitter was less awful, why not give it a shot?

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