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To Play or Not To Play . . .

These board game reviews should help answer the question!

Welcome to To Play or Not To Play! There are many places you can find board game reviews online and many of them focus on whether or not you should purchase a game. But that's not my concern here. Money is always a limited resource, but so is time. My game reviews are focused on whether or not a game is worth your time to play. If you enjoy or disagree with a review, please leave a comment! Follow me on Twitter to have a say in which games I review next. And follow me on Instagram to see what I'm currently playing. You may catch a sneak preview of an upcoming review!

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Lords of Waterdeep

You are a Lord of Waterdeep: a clever noble, criminal mastermind, or religious leader with a secret agenda to claim control over the city.

One Year of Games . . .

Let's start at the beginning. Back in 2014, I decided to try something. I logged every game I played on And then . . .

Race for the Galaxy

Race for the Galaxy is a race. Perfection is irrelevant, you just want your engine to GO FAST!

Oregano: The Veggie Card Game

Oregano teaches young children about the relationships between different edible plants through classic card matching gameplay.

The Fox in the Forest

Games like Hearts and Bridge are really fun, but what if you only have two players? Introducing: The Fox in the Forest!

Potion Explosion

Have you ever wanted to play Bejeweled in real life? Here’s your chance!

Game of HAM

In a world where Cards Against Humanity exists, is it worth playing Game of HAM instead?

Castles of Mad King Ludwig

When a ruthless, tyrannical, and likely unhinged monarch demands that you build him a castle, you don’t ask questions.


Six psychics return to the scene of last year's mysterious murder to communicate with the victim's Ghost and hopefully solve the case.


The tile-placement game that started the modern craze! Why is Carcassonne still in vogue 20 years later?

Not Alone

One powerful Creature vs many Hunted astronauts. Can the many band together and survive long enough to be rescued? Or will the Creature win?


This unique war game combines cooperation and competition into a fascinating simulation of the policy debates that faced the Allied powers.


Guide your band of delvers to excavate ancient ruins and miraculous wonders in Unearth, a delightful and fast dice game.


The first deck-building game. Where did this genre of game come from, and what is it like to play?

Chaos in the Old World

Come for the spectacle, stay for the gripping back-and-forth strategy as four asymmetric powers jostle for dominance in the Old World!

Exploding Kittens

This card game is the result of one of the most successful Kickstarter projects ever. Does it live up to the hype?

Fog of Love

In Fog of Love, you and a partner must navigate rocky terrain and achieve a mutually fulfilling relationship. But is it actually a game?


44 years after terrorizing movie screens, Jaws returns to a kitchen table near you!

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