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To Play or Not To Play . . .

These board game reviews should help answer the question!

Welcome to To Play or Not To Play! There are many places you can find board game reviews online and many of them focus on whether or not you should purchase a game. But that's not my concern here. Money is always a limited resource, but so is time. My game reviews are focused on whether or not a game is worth your time to play. If you enjoy or disagree with a review, please leave a comment! Follow me on Twitter to have a say in which games I review next. And follow me on Instagram to see what I'm currently playing. You may catch a sneak preview of an upcoming review!

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Call to Adventure

Craft your own fantasy hero, anti-hero, or villain as you navigate fate's twists and turns and achieve your destiny!


The ultimate party game: a social deduction game combined with a word association guessing game!

Ex Libris

Organize a fantasy library with the help of your assistants to ensure the library inspector rates your library as the best in town!


This gorgeous game made the leap from Kickstarter to retail. And it's one of my favorites!


Wingspan took the board game world by storm in 2019. What makes this game so appealing?

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