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To Play or Not To Play . . .

These board game reviews should help answer the question!

Welcome to To Play or Not To Play! There are many places you can find board game reviews online and many of them focus on whether or not you should purchase a game. But that's not my concern here. Money is always a limited resource, but so is time. My game reviews are focused on whether or not a game is worth your time to play. If you enjoy or disagree with a review, please leave a comment! Follow me on Twitter to have a say in which games I review next. And follow me on Instagram to see what I'm currently playing. You may catch a sneak preview of an upcoming review!

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Lost Ruins of Arnak

In Lost Ruins of Arnak, you'll explore a mysterious island, uncover powerful artifacts, and research a mysterious temple!

Another year in review!

Huh . . . it's been six months since my last post. It's been hard to carve out time for this blog with work, school, and everything else...

Chris' Collection 2021 - Top 9

Last time, I wrote about the bottom 9 games in my board game collection. Today, it’s time for the top 9! Like before, these are the games...

Spooky month part 3: Elder Sign

Welcome back to spooky month, where I'm reviewing all the games in Fantasy Flight's Arkham Files series. In part 1, I reviewed Arkham...

Oath - Part 1

I was inspired to try something new this week. Thanks for giving it a shot! The Uprising The Chancellor gazes at her reflection, admiring...

Pirate Loot

Category: Card game Designer: Jason Bulmahn Publisher: Kickstarter (Minotaur Games) Year Published: 2015 Players: 2-4 Playing Time: 60...


Category: Tile-placement game Designer: Randy Flynn Publisher: Flatout Games Year Published: 2021 Players: 1-4 Playing Time: 30 - 60 mins...

Aeon's End

The last vestiges of human civilization scrape out a meager existence in Gravehold, a subterranean city that's humanity's last bastion . . .

San Juan

San Juan is a much simpler, and much faster, version of the 2003 hit Puerto Rico. But this game differs from Race for the Galaxy . . .

The Zorro Dice Game

his game is cute. It’s very easy to learn and remarkably fun to play. However, the game is almost too simple until you add one small thing.

Last Will

Your wealthy uncle has died, and now your relatives have gathered to hear his last will. The first one to spend their inheritance wins!

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